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Like on an eagle’s wing or a spruce branch
10.07.2008 09:05

A dark winter’s day far away in Inari in November 1992. A group of international designers are examining the properties of northern wood.

"A Danish designer wanted to know if birch could be used in bent forms. I began to think of a product that would have no fixed joints but feature pine laths connected by strings. It would be a wooden hammock!” as Päivi Mikola recalls her inspiration for the Kalani Wooden Hammock.

To be able to lie comfortably on a wooden hammock, it must resemble a gentle letter V in form. When two sticks are connected with a finger joint, which is then rounded, a curved depression is created in the middle of the hammock - ideal for the spine.

When I was making Kalani my youngest son was 3 years old. He was watching a nature program on TV where a condor eagle was hovering over the Andes. He said “Mummy look, just like your hammock!”

As a piece of furniture, Kalani is a perfect example of a simple new innovation that seamlessly combines elegance,
material properties, structure and function.

  • Kalani saw daylight in 1992
  • Made of Lappish pine or larch
  • Length 220 cm
  • Width 75 cm
  • Weight 14 kg
  • Hanging distance 3.5-5.0 metres
  • Was awarded the silver medal in an international design competition in Japan in 1993 and the Furniture of the Year 1994 distinction of the Association of Interior Architects SIO in Finland