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10.07.2008 09:00


Another Colmio chair is called “The Grasshopper” with a very long back rest and adjustable neck; it ensures a comfortable, relaxed position to people of all shapes and sizes.

An extremely important addition to the Grasshopper’s comfort is the leg stool – a rocking, leaf-like, fabric-covered ottoman that rocks with the chair.

You can rest your legs on the stool, which nicely massages your calves at the same time. You can also put the stool in a vertical position to fully relax your tired legs and when turned on its side, the stool can be used as a small table.

The combination of the chair plus the ottoman fulfills the basic idea behind Colmio designs: elegant design, high-quality finish, comfort and versatility.

  • The Grasshopper Chair was developed from the rocking Woodpecker all-purpose chair in 2005.
  • Width 570 mm.
  • Depth 900 mm.
  • Frame made of bent natural-colour birch, manufactured by Huonekalutehdas Korhonen
  • Seat and back rest made of warm, natural colour wood available with a smooth surface or profiled into a wave form, in natural colour, black or white. Special colours available by order.
  • Upholstered/covered with leather or fabric, fixed or removable
  • Manufactured under license in Japan