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To make the world look a better place
10.07.2008 08:48

The story of the Colmio furniture family began with the Woodpecker Rocking Chair in 2003. “I began to think what today’s restless lifestyle is missing. It needed a rocking chair that would not fill half of the living room and in which anyone could sit even at the dinner table. A chair whose rockers would not hit you on the legs or jam the vacuum cleaner. Its form should be simple and fit in a modern environment. An chair that would make everyday life feel like Sunday”, Päivi Mikola says.

This marked the birth of the first Colmio Rocking Chair named The Woodpecker.

“The Woodpecker Chair is intended for all of us – the common man and extraordinary people. It can be used in the living room, bedroom, dining room and study. It is also perfect for hotels room, waiting halls, PR facilities, libraries, hospitals, student apartments and more. The uses are limitless.”

Later the triangle design with curved sides was incorporated in many other Colmio designs and began to shape a recognisable and unique corporate image.

The Woodpecker Chair requires very little space, features a modern design and is simply elegant. Above all it is very pleasant to sit in and the interesting-looking elbow rest has proved an ergonomic solution in many ways. The angle of the rest helps a person sit with a straight back and allows wrists and shoulders to relax. A Colmio customer recently said that “the chair teaches us how to sit correctly.”

  • Width 570 mm
  • Depth 700 mm
  • Height 860 mm and can be adjusted according to the user’s taste and preferences
  • Frame made of bent natural-colour birch, manufactured by Huonekalutehdas Korhonen
  • Seat and back rest made of warm, natural-colour wood available with a smooth surface or profiled into a wave form, in natural colour, black or white. Special colours available by order.
  • Upholstered/covered with leather or fabric, fixed or removable
  • Colmio Oy received the Fennia Prize 2005 distinction for the Woodpecker
  • Manufactured under license in Japan