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Experiences in the heart of the city


Colmio’s showroom and shop in the centre of Old Porvoo is also an art gallery. It combines the past and present, conveying a sense of Colmio’s philosophy of relaxed, better living.

Colmio’s chairs can be tested in the most unique and pleasant atmosphere. You can find the modest house on  the cortyard, near porvoo river. The wooden house dates back to 1760, and today it has the interior combining old and new. With the interior Colmio´s designer Päivi Mikola has achieved a timeless feeling, where rocking chairs symbolize the easy way of living.

”Art from different spheres of culture is always on display. Textile art, visual art, photographs. Quality art or design”, Päivi Mikola says.


  • Colmio Gallery in Old Porvoo, Jokikatu 20, on the courtyard
  • Inquiries tel. +358 500 581656, e-mail Sähköpostiosoite on suojattu roskapostiohjelmia vastaan, Javascript-tuen tulee olla päällä nähdäksesi osoitteen
  • Open: Wed – Fri 11 noon – 17 p.m., Sat  12 noon – 16 p.m.
  • Can also be hired for private use, such as meetings.