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Making everyday life feel like Sunday


Colmio designs furniture and various houseware items intended for both everyday and extraordinary people.

Colmio’s products offer elegance and timelessly simple forms. They are versatile, of high quality and are functional and practical.

Colmio’s story of feeling good was inspired by the rocking all-purpose chair, the Woodpecker. Colmio’s first design was The Woodpecker Chair – an all purpose rocking chair. Since then Colmio has created many other rocking products, tables, coat racks and even slippers. All designs bear Colmio’s emblem – a triangle with curved sides - an elegant and geometrically pleasing form.

Most of Colmio’s designs are made of light-coloured Finnish birch, a perfect material for bending into curved forms.

All joints are skilfully made to contribute to a relaxed way of living. Colmio is much more than a design company -it is a way of life.

  • Colmio Oy was established in Oulu, Finland in 2003.
  • The company’s Managing and Artistic Director\Designer is Päivi Mikola.
  • Company values: elegance, timelessness, high quality.
  • Product is manufactured in Finland – well known throughout Northern Europe and also manufactured and sold under license in Japan